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Safe Tracking & Electromechanical Services PLC

SaTEMS PLC is found in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and has been a national wholesaler and direct supplier of an integrated GPS speed limiter from the world’s leading specialists in vehicle speed control technology. Proven in the most arduous operating conditions around the world, UK GPS Integrated Speed Limiter, Fleet Management, Asset Tracking and Electromechanical Services to businesses and individuals. We are your one stop source for gps tracking. We provide the best solution that is certified by international certifiers... [read more...]

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Speed Limiting & Fleet Mgmt

Our Speed Limiter and Fleet Tracking System is designed for each model of vehicles ,services and have proven experience on speed control and limiting with internationally recognized certificates for no damaging effect on Engine, Transmission vehicle control .The system has a universal solution for fleets seeking continuous GPS fleet tracking software. Featuring 24/7 web-based visibility, powerful reporting, automated alerts, and notification options.

ICT Solution

Information Technology systems are a key resource for the successful business of today, our operation is in providing information technology simple solutions to complex needs.

Logistic Activity

We specializes in providing quality third party transportation management solutions to shippers that want to achieve greater efficiencies within their supply chain.

Driver Management & Training

We will help you to learn how to use all the software and systems we provide. We will register your trainer and schedule a time for the training. contact us for more information.

Maintenance Management

We work in partnership with you, giving impartial advice and real time management so that you can free up your valuable time to focus on other important areas of your business.

Commission Agent

Our company gives special attention to other companies by becoming a commission agency. We already are the perfect commission agent to several companies that don't have local representation.

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