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Safe Tracking & Electromechanical Services PLC

SaTEMS PLC is found in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and has been a national wholesaler and direct supplier of an integrated GPS speed limiter from the world’s leading specialists in vehicle speed control technology. Proven in the most arduous operating conditions around the world, UK GPS Integrated Speed Limiter, Fleet Management, Asset Tracking and Electromechanical Services to businesses and individuals. We are your one stop source for gps tracking. We provide the best solution that is certified by international certifiers of each continent. Those are well used by all continents especially in EUROPE, Canada, America Middle East, and Africa .and qualifies for local requirements and Ethiopian Standards. Application to fit you or your company’s needs. We can manage your assets via our web application or through the use of a software application.


Our Vision is to be the leading fleet management service provider company of choice. Accordingly we strive to create better values for our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities we serve.


The mission of SaTEMS PLC is to provide innovative and affordable fleet management services and products to a diverse segment of the Ethiopian population.

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